I setup a little network within DN42 to experiment and learn on BGP based networking. Currently my DN42 Network consists of 6 Nodes and more than 65 Peering ASN.

Within this Series of Articles i want to explain, what i do in my network and how it works.

  1. BASICS - Connection of the nodes itself (Tunnel & OSPF)
  2. iBGP - BGP within AS4242423905
  3. ASN - Other ASN of mine (AS4242423906, AS4242423907)
  4. AUTOMATE - Filtering and Automation within AS4242423905
  5. PEER - Peering with other (eBGP, VPN, GRE)
Big Picture

DN42 Network

The picture is more or less accurate as it is manually generated .. automation is planned.

The green lines identify iBGP peering. The viloet ones are wireguard connections and blue are ipsec/gre. Yellow are EBGP Peering and gray open vpn.