• My DN42 Peering Types (explained)

    I use some peerings types documented in my aut-num object within the registry, to be more exact, what theses peering times mean to me and for the peering partner i tried to explain wyh i use them as is use them. ( i leave out the IXP Type of peering as i had no active peering with an IXP in DN42 currently.)

  • Bird2 as FlowSpec Controller (Part 1)

    The last days i spent several hours to try Bird2 as FlowSpec Controller and hopefully the post helps others to avoid some of my challenges.

  • iBGP - BGP within AS4242423905

    For a better understanding here are the picture of my iBGP Mesh:

  • BASICS - Tunnels & OSPF

    First i had ipsec/gre for interconnecting my nodes itself, but now i completely switched to WireGuard. As it is really simple to setup (if you can compile an kernel module or use dkms), it is fast, high throughput and you don’t need gre as with ipsec to use for example OSPF on the links.

  • OVN - Logical Router and changed Next Hop MAC

    While my tests with OVN i get a situation, where the next hop of my Entry Point (Logical Router) to OVN changed his mac (As it was an tap interface with no fixed MAC). And all i tried, the Logical Router doesn’t seem to time out his ARP Cache.

  • OVN - L2 Breakout Options

    Currently we had the following LAB generated:

  • OVN - br-int? Or other name?

    First i read that i need an “Integration Bridge” which will normally named “br-int”. As i normally name my Switches/Bridges in capital letters, i want to change the “Integration Bridge” to OVN.

    But how does it work, and how does the “Controller” nows what he should configure and where?

  • OVN - Open Virtual Network for Open vSwitch

    What is OVN? An Controller based Virtual Network for Open vSwitch. It brings Logical Switches/Routers/Loadbalancers and even more network functions.

  • My DN42 Network

    I setup a little network within DN42 to experiment and learn on BGP based networking. Currently my DN42 Network consists of 6 Nodes and more than 65 Peering ASN.

  • Welcome to my new Website/Blog

    Hopefully this site/blog will be filled up with some interesting content, technical reviews and idea’s and some minor technical thoughts.

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