What is OVN? An Controller based Virtual Network for Open vSwitch. It brings Logical Switches/Routers/Loadbalancers and even more network functions.

I had some time and thoughts, how my internal Virtualized Network can be changed from libvirt, kvm, ovs, vlan based to something more “state of the art” but without implementing an complete Openstack or similar ….

And i found “OVN - Open Virtual Network for Open vSwitch”. This should be (or is) the implementation for Open vSwitch in Openstack/Neutron. So i move to: libvirt, kvm, ovs, ovn. Seems not much change …

First i need to understand about the Basics and Wordings of OVN, and i tried to establish an seperated “Virtualized Network” with an L3 Gateway for “external” reachability.

As OVN (can use) uses “tunnels” for inter-chassis (KVM/OVS Node == Chassis) communication, you should consider use an seperate Network/Interface and increase MTU to something higher than 1600. As i want to create an iSCSI Network with MTU 9000 since several years, this is the same network in the future. Currently i use it for Controller Management and Tunnel Traffic.

I will try to summarize my errors and success within a short Story of Blog Posts ….

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